Dr. Slochkin the mad doctor has opened up shop in Warner Robins. He would like to invite you to his free clinic to view his medical ‘miracles’. Maybe you can contribute to his achievements. Donations accepted for the Johanna Mcafee Childhood Cancer Foundation.

13 Stories Haunted House

There’s a haunted house so terrifying that they make you sign a waiver to get in. Legend has it that you experience your worst nightmares. Live snakes, rats, creatures from all depths. An experience so terrifying, some don’t make it all the way through… Some say this is a myth… The myth is brought to [...]

Camp Blood

Come take a tour through the haunted woods of Camp Blood! It’s a quarter mile of sheer terror as you walk through the sometimes silent, yet deadly, pine forest. Camp Blood is open every October weekend till the bewitching hour of midnight! Along the way, on your trip to Sapphire Lake, you run into some [...]

Chambers of Horror

Chambers of Horror is a horror attraction located in downtown Atlanta behind the Masquerade. Experience the most shocking, brutal and intense haunted house in modern history. A shocking and twisted excursion through the Torture Co. facility. Where the minds of the rich and jaded seek out their wildest dreams and brutally torture and kill innocent [...]

Chaos Haunted House

Chaos is a completely non-guided attraction and it is up to you and your group to navigate and find your way out. Anyone you encounter while in Chaos is put there to mislead you and create confusion and disorder.